COLLEGE DAY IN MY LIFE: Photoshoot, Classes, Groceries, Going Out | Margot Lee

I took you with me around my day at Syracuse University where I did a photoshoot, went to my classes, went grocery shopping, and went out. I got lucky because I didn’t have much work to do this day, but let me know if you would want to see what a day of studying and organizing myself looks like!

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25 Replies to “COLLEGE DAY IN MY LIFE: Photoshoot, Classes, Groceries, Going Out | Margot Lee”

  1. My college is about 45 minutes from Syracuse university I go to a SUNY school…. I got into Syracuse and it was my #1 choice but it was to expensive to attend

  2. Lucky me I don't have sooo much classes I only have like 5 or 7 ….. is that a lot??

  3. where is your ocean tapestry/painting from above your makeup vanity?? love the vid & your skin looks amazing!!!

  4. It would be so nice if you linked where your outfits are from! I always love your style and am dying to know

  5. margot girl what do you ask for when you get your hair done? it is so blonde and beautiful

  6. Ohmygod if there is going to be glasses merch I will die! Please if you're making glasses into merch have options for prescription lenses

  7. wait I thought you were vegan!!? you had eggs for breakfast.. r u not vegan anymore?

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