Coloring Using ONLY GREEN Pencils!

Today I’m challenging myself to color a page with ONE COLOR ONLY – Green! I’ve got 670+ green pencils from every brand in my colored pencil collection – can I use them ALL?

One Color Challenges:

The book used in this video is “Worlds Within Worlds” by Kerby Rosanes. You can find it on Amazon here (affiliate link):

Looking for color inspiration? Check out the Color Cube!

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I used too many pencils in this video to list here, so here are some of my favorite art supplies:
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19 Replies to “Coloring Using ONLY GREEN Pencils!”

  1. Love you and your content! In a perfect world, we'd be neighbors ????????????

  2. This is quite interesting because green really is my least favourite colour, I hardly ever choose it for anything and I rarely like it in colour options so I was surprised how much I really liked the outcome. I didn’t realise just how many greens you could actually make and how many warm tones and cool tones you could create this really is a surprise to me.

  3. You should enjoy “just coloring”! All your color pencil art always turns out beautiful.

  4. I absolutely hate to color with yellow for some reason. I’d love to see what you could do with it. I think the green one is my favorite so far.

  5. I have a question I cannot find the answer anywhere : in adult colouring books why there are so many black or dark lines? How can you colour that? I know we can lighten them but why are the drawings make like this? If you keep them, the result will be weird, will it not? Thank you love your channel ! ????

  6. Aloha and happy day!! Holy green boots! As you were pulling out all those pencils, I kept thinking oh no- now to put them back! Yikes!! No small feat! Har har.
    I love how this turned out, it’s really beautiful, the colors are amazing, and your color theory logic is interesting to see unfold. I appreciate that.
    Some sharp editing too, nice job ya’ll!

    Thanks for the humongous effort, this was another fun trip!
    (p.s. any and all the colors ????, or whatever you please ????)

    Chipper cheerios!!

  7. This video was so relaxing throughout and the end result was just awesome ????????

  8. Beautiful result Sarah!! ❤ also my favorite one colour challenge. I was also going to suggest yellow/orange ???????? All yellow could be quite challenging being such a pale colour.
    The proposition of using your favorite colour teal is also a great idea. Such a beautiful colour! ????????

  9. I love waking up to a new video!! The pages turned out amazing!! Of course I would love to see you do another "one color" challenge.

  10. Could you try colouring a page with only 1 coloured pencil (not 1 colour only 1 pencil), in this page you used many coloured pencils of different shades, hues, warmth, etc, but what if you only used 1 pencil to colour an entire page.

  11. That is lovely! One of the coloring books artists I follow has also issued a one color challenge in green. Let’s see what I end up with. By the way, I suggest red violet for your next coloring challenge.

  12. I am a big fan of colour green ????????????????????????
    Looked fabulous…….

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