Cooking Challenge Against Brie Larson (Captain Marvel)

She can beat Thanos but can she beat me?

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23 Replies to “Cooking Challenge Against Brie Larson (Captain Marvel)”

  1. Wow they actually worked together in a entertaining way! Very nice video

  2. Brie is honestly a very beautiful human being. Post a blooper video of this

  3. Takeaway from this video.. Brie is not a horrible person.. she is just weird…

  4. Generally love your videos but this old guy felt like the editing was way too frenetic. Ten minutes of anxiety, bam, bam, bam, salt? Holy sh!t. Can I get some quality vid with humorous cuts? Holy sh!t, your poor editor was cutting clips like a maniac!

    Hard to watch. But I really do love your channel and watch frequently. This one was crazy. I'm like, "Why are we speeding past the actual recipe? Why is there literally a jump cut every second? Super distracting." Oh, I see. I have to think this is in response to the viewers, who are mindless! Two seconds of judgement. Please, let's just ignore these dolts and focus on quality, regardless! This is why I can't listen to pop music. Mass appeal is king. The race to mediocrity.

  5. This was a ray of sunshine for me. I needed the genuine smiles and laughs this brought me. Thank you both.

  6. I think someone who shares the name of a fancy French cheese should know hot to cook,

  7. I wouldn't follow the instructions and made my own… It would be nice to have a guest chef that makes his own version and the compare

  8. I feel bad on hating brie larson for the sake of hopping on the bandwagon on Captain Marvel when I usually I don't really mind her in any movie I happened to watch. Mob mentality perhaps.

  9. How she managed to stay and cook under the tutelage of a straight white male without bursting into flames is beyond me. Good acting indeed.

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