Cooking Gadgets vs DIY Hacks🌭 *Fancy Tools and Cheap Crafts for the Kitchen*

There has been numerous times when we bought a super fancy kitchen tool 🍴, only to find that it didn’t add as much value to my life as we had expected. In this video, We are going to compare fancy kitchen tools to cheap πŸ’°, simple kitchen hacks that we have found to help us prepare food in a much more faster and easier way!


0:28 If you hate having corn stuck in your teeth, this is for you / Corn separator
1:08 Create pretty shaped dumplings / Dumpling maker
1:52 Crack egg without mess / Egg opener
2:17 Crush those nuts! / Nutcracker
2:55 Slice fruits & vegetables to pieces in seconds / Banana slicer
3:37 Create multiple ice cubes in one go / Ice cube maker
4:49 Save more space for your airbags / Vacuum pump
5:34 This cute squirrel will brew you tea / Tea infuser
6:33 Cute-shaped onigiri maker / Onigiri mould
7:38 Chunk those meats into a ball! / Meatball maker spoon

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