Costco January Deals – Part 1

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There are some really great deals at Costco now for the January sale.

21 Replies to “Costco January Deals – Part 1”

  1. I love your reviews Bobby, and love the information thank you so much. I too like Kaye said you and Leihani amazing

  2. Happy New Year Bobby and viewers. Thanks for answering my question about the Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules or Gummies. How many a day do you recommend? Any opinion on the Kirkland multi vitamin gummies or Fiber Well gummies? I'm visiting parents in Boca Raton this week. Maybe I'll bump into you? I made some piano videos at Costco in NJ and NY in November. 🎹 Oh, and I almost forgot, I love your Rodney Dangerfield.

  3. Just got some great Bobby wisdom for the new year! Happy New Year Bobby, Desi, & Rose!

  4. Happy New Year! Heylo, I love the sardines and especially the price but was thinking-What about the olive oil used? Would they use the crappy olive oil you warn us about?

  5. Thanks, Bobby! I got 2 bags of the Unreal coconut candy and it is delicious! Great price, too! I love your videos on foods at Costco. TFS! Looking forward to Part 2. Happy New Year!

  6. Oh Simple Mills, why oh why do you use sunflower oil and miss getting Bobby's stamp of approval? Please make the better ingredient swap cuz we don't want inflammatory oils!

  7. I loved the depth of flavor of the manuka honey I'd gotten a couple years ago at Costco, but I 🤔 if I've been getting the same antifungal, etc. benefits from my essential oils… cuz twice already at work I have been the only staff not sick and "held down the fort." Gotta be the last woman standing! 🥰

  8. You really want a Manuka honey that says UMF 20+ not MGO. Do your research about which Manuka honeys are certified

  9. I'm thrilled that keto granola is on sale now! But sadly I'd previously bought 3 bags of that Cinnamon Crunch bag thinking I could crush it for a topping on sweet potatoes. ❤️ Bobby's informative videos like this!

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