Counterfeiting scams ????

These seem like not nice people.

Watch the full episode here:

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15 Replies to “Counterfeiting scams ????”

  1. I work in retail, we have people trying to pass washed bills so often that we have basically stopped accepting old $100s because of it. I am able to determine if they're real based on raised printing, but no one else in the building is and washed bills pass the pen test.

  2. the funny part is the amazing specificity of the parts of this scam. "Tebi-manetic solution" "vectrol paste" and "anti-breeze" are words that show up again and again. I've been on chemistry forums where people show up looking for these mythical substances and we had to explain there is no such magic substance

  3. Ahh the good old ‘solvent to help remove stains on the 10mil from the drug profit give me a million’ scam

  4. when i was 9 i would just lazer copy 20s and use them at fast food restaurants because those kids dont give a shit????

  5. Many (most?) Countries have increasing sizes for increasing denominations, both to prevent this approach to counterfeiting, and to help the blind.

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