Couple Growing Food *Year Round* in a Backyard Permaculture Micro Farm with Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

Deborah and Gabe transformed an empty backyard lawn into an abundant permaculture micro-farm where they’re growing fresh fruits and vegetables for themselves, and for sale at their farm gate stand. To grow food year-round in a northern climate, they also have a geodesic dome greenhouse with an indoor pond that helps regulate the temperature in all 4 seasons.

You can follow and find out more about The Ecobubble here:

The couple is using permaculture and hügelkultur methods to grow food in their backyard gardens and they don’t use any pesticides or herbicides. They’ve planted a food forest with fruit and nut trees, and they’ve also planted fruit trees and native plant species to feed birds and pollinators like bees and butterflies.

The 26’ geodesic growing dome is from Arctic Acres in Canada:
These domes are available from Growing Spaces in the United States:

With a 1/2 acre of land, some infrastructure, and a whole lot of hard work, Deborah and Gabe are already growing loads of fresh food for themselves, their neighbours, and the wildlife around them. We can’t wait to see what they get up to this year on their future homestead! You can follow along on their journey in bringing The Ecobubble vision to reality here:

Special thank you to Laurie from Right Arm Builds ( for being a growing dome ninja super star on filming day!

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24 Replies to “Couple Growing Food *Year Round* in a Backyard Permaculture Micro Farm with Geodesic Dome Greenhouse”

  1. nice to see the geodesic domes from the other video in action, they seem to work pretty well

  2. Amazing 💖 This video is truly back to nature beautiful to see

  3. Уникальные люди, очень восхищён ими. Даже и не знал, что так можно жить в Канаде, Онтарио. Интересно можно ли так же жить в Саскачеван или других северных частях Канады! Я из Украины и смотрю Вас через авто переводчик. Спасибо большое за все!
    Слава Украине! Спасибо за помощь всем Канадцам!

  4. In Providence,RI I grew about a dozen paw paw trees from seeds and we planted them on a down slope in a group on the edge of a creek in Foster RI. …then I moved and lost touch. We were obsessed. I still wonder about those trees that got away…

  5. love all those cruciferous greens! they won't be lacking for calcium, iron, many vitamins, fiber in their senior years!

  6. Mrs Charlotte's is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy.

  7. If you're allowing pollinators you're allowing other insects right? Without using pesticides, isn't most of your crop being thrown away?

  8. i could really be neighbors with this couple! such a great mindset, and the yard just feels cozy while it's doing work to provide. awesome! (plus im a fish freak, i own some huge koi, plus tons of indoor tanks!)

  9. 1 minute and 6 seconds in, liked.
    I can tell they are doing something right, well worth it.

  10. I would love to come apprentice and learn for a few weeks so I can help with food insecurity in my community as well.

  11. I'm going to take a lot of inspiration from what they've got going, including that really well done blueprint. I live in New york, so it's it's similar climate as well which is perfect. Not many homesteaders/subsistence farmers up north

  12. Did you use marigolds for pests? It's my first yr doing raised garden and buckets so I am no expert. I would love to know other suggestions for controlling them. Thanks

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