Couple Marries in their $40k Tiny House – simple family farm living!

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❇️ produced by Tiny House Expedition’s Christian & Alexis
❇️ shot by Blake Hemmel,
❇️ edited by Aaron Wong,
❇️ extra footage from the owner,

Video Chapters:
0:00 – Tiny homestead in Texas
0:43 – simple living vs “American Dream”
2:12 – 35 ft tiny house tour
3:25 – sponsor message
4:29 – bedroom & living room
5:02 – DIY tiny house cost
5:34 – tiny living with kids
6:38 – kitchen
8:19 – bathroom & laundry room
9:33 – beauty of rural living
10:00 – tiny house build advice
11:43 – hello from Christian & Alexis

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15 Replies to “Couple Marries in their $40k Tiny House – simple family farm living!”

  1. Click here to take the quiz & use our code TINYHOUSE50 for 50% off your 1st order! We've been loving the gut health boost from Care/of supplements.???? Could you live tiny with kids? Let us know! ????Kristina & Aaron love tiny home farm life w/their 2 kids. Starting a family in their 35-ft gooseneck wasn't the plan, but have adapted to make it work. They enjoy the peaceful freedom of simple living. ???? More tiny family tours:

  2. Good for them that they are actually living in a multi-generational way. This works for everyone–I don't see a downside for the parents as they get older to have their kids nearby and able to help and it is nice for grandkids to be able to spend time with them. It clearly also sounds like the husband really likes her family and they share similar values.

  3. Our Support Structure was my Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Father in-law, Mother in-law, Sister in-law, Brother in-law, Mentor Garth, and more importantly my wife Kristina!!!

    Keep in mind we had a full-time job and we worked all nights and all weekends for a year plus.

    There were a lot of times we were exhausted yet motivated to complete this goal.

    Thank you and I love the people who helped to make this happen!

    And yes we have a third little one on the way in June 2023.

  4. 9:39 As my attached Condo Neighbor opens his garage for the 15th time today, which is below my living room so it sounds like my Garage is being opened. Grrrrrr

  5. How blessed you are to have free land with septic, electricity and no taxes. What a blessing.

  6. I see the belly, congratulations on the next baby. When is baby due. YAYYYYYY!
    You guys are fantastic..

  7. ????????Shivering black bell, Great home! like the simplicity of the layout! good ad Alexis!

  8. It's God's way to live , thru relationships and family full of Love.

  9. Absolutely wonderful. As a child that grew up in what is considered taboo. It’s so nice to see a younger generation what to live the simple life. Great job. God bless family. Happy to jo have close neighbors. Just cows. ✨✌️????????????

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