10 Replies to “Crispy accordion potatoes ????????”

  1. Would it be favorable to make the "accordian-cuts" with a flat/straight edged knife? From a cooking noob's perspective, in my mind I'm thinking that on the one hand, it would maybe be easier to get more uniform cut depth? I imagine that could be favorable if slices are fairly thin, or as a noob cutting quite deep on both sides to get "maximum accordian" – while still reducing risk that some of the cuts get _too_deep and it breaks apart while baking / grilling / deep frying them. On the other hand, you won't have a curved edge to "roll" with, so maybe there will be substantially more resistance? So much edge contacting simultaneously – Mmaybe that ends up "crushing" the meat arund the cut so you have to space the cuts much wider? Or to overcome the extra resistance, you end uo compressing and cutting into the wooden stick/skewer on your far side, ending up with incline depth cuts that are much deeper at the end closest to the blade tip (thereby zeroing out the intent and possible advantage of using that flat/straight edge in the first place, or even making what you'd be trying to avoid; even worse)

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