Crispy Korean Fried Chicken FTW!

@jasmineandtea uses Tasty’s new A.I. Chefbot, Botatouille, to make a Studio Ghibli-inspired lunch. Help us make Botatouille even better by downloading the Tasty app and testing it out!

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15 Replies to “Crispy Korean Fried Chicken FTW!”

  1. I am Korean. This is not Korean style chicken. This is Japanese karaage. And I've never heard of making Korean style chicken with sake.

  2. That’s not Korean you fool it’s Japanese!!!! That’s is literally Karaage!!!!

  3. How is this korean fried chicken when the recipe said japanese fried chicken and the ingredients are also japanese?

  4. Cooks 'Japanese Fried Chicken' but puts 'Korean' in the title for clicks. Sad how the fetishization of Korean culture has gone to food now.

  5. Crispy Korean Fried Chicken looks fantastic and tasty..!! Thank you for the update, Tasty..!!

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