26 Replies to “Curd rice + potato = a heavenly treat ???? #shorts”

  1. Ask a Bengalurian and he would say biryani. There is at least one biryani hotel for every main street here. And most of the bachelors are well versed in cooking biryani. Even after trying hundreds of biryanis I am not fed up with it.

  2. Bri noy poptato that was as on u r image taro our traditional veg …. Britishers interdused potato…that veg not by india ….trao, yam these are our veg's….

  3. Yyesss…d combo is my aaaaabsolut fav too…n the food looks heavenly..for me curd rice is nothing less dn amrutham❤humble satisfying soothing food❤

  4. a complete meal,carbs,masala proteins and veg of curry leaves
    of course the red colour potato varuval p looks delicious too

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