Dahlias: Taking Them Out of Storage + Pre-Sprouting! ???????????? // Garden Answer

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12 Replies to “Dahlias: Taking Them Out of Storage + Pre-Sprouting! ???????????? // Garden Answer”

  1. Can't wait to see the rest of the results of your overwintering project! Why did some die despite your correct procedure?

  2. See, if my dahlias were as clumped together as that I would be going in with a scalpel and perform some tuber surgery. ????????

  3. Love this video! Can anyone tell me how long it takes for the tubers to sprout? I have had mine for a week and nothing yet 🙁

  4. You need to put a go pro on the cat for a day. It would be fun to watch from Russell's view point.????????

  5. Russell was thirsty drinking some of Laura’s ice water. Wait a go Russell. I got dahlias for the first time last year because of you. They were beautiful and full full plants. Then they decided to get aphids or something and all 4 of them graduate died. I took them apart and no tubers. ????. Great video hopefully everything goes great with them. Loved seeing Russell and Cheddar. Thank you so very much for sharing this with us. Appreciated.????????????????????????

  6. ????????I see I’m not the only one that noticed the cat drinking Laura’s drink!????

  7. This was my first year overwintering dahlias in a dark cool spot. Wondered if you direct plant dahlias outside, do you still leave the eye exposed? Same as you did in the tray for pre-sprouting?

  8. I use a drink cooler with vermiculite and put in a 2 way humidity regulator, which maintains a relative humidity of 62% , tubers came out looking better than when they went in. Made by Integra Boost or Boveda

  9. it's amazing what grows from weird looking tubers and tiny little seeds, isn't it? a real testament to "don't judge a book (flower) by its cover" ????????and as noted by several of us already – that Russell… "she won't even know" (until she sees the playback, lol)… silly cats…. ????❤thanks for the video!! ????❤

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