Dana White gives us a tour of his backyard | Pit Stops w/ Cooper Manning | BBQGuys

Cooper Manning makes a pit stop at the sprawling backyard and outdoor kitchen of Dana White, President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Join Cooper and Dana as they meet for an epic UFC inspired Face Off, lounge in Dana’s cabanas, learn to cook a Tomahawk steak from Chef Mike, plus a Pit Stop Parlay! #DanaWhite #CooperManning #BBQGGuys

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25 Replies to “Dana White gives us a tour of his backyard | Pit Stops w/ Cooper Manning | BBQGuys”

  1. Personally I'd love to have a sit down with ghegis khan and drink whiskey, and I guess Clint Eastwood would be fun too

  2. "not too dry", lmao, this is one of the several reasons I couldn't be someone's chef. I would tell them how to eat a steak and if they said "not too bloody" I'd need to explain that it isn't blood at all.

  3. I dont know how the hell i didnt know about this channel before this video. Im glad i found it. Good stuff.

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