Dated Family Home Given Spacious Modern Remodel | Flipping 101 | HGTV

A couple who has been flipping for 13 years is still struggling to make enough money to support their four kids. After discovering that their new property shares a driveway with a laundromat, Tarek must teach them to look at flipping in a whole new way.

Flip or Flop’s Tarek El Moussa draws upon his enormous success from flipping over 300 homes to help novice renovators get in the game. He provides beginners hungry to make it big with a foundation to create profitable flips and avoid bank-breaking flops. #HGTV #Flipping101 #Spacious Modern

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Dated Family Home Given Spacious Modern Remodel | Flipping 101 | HGTV

9 Replies to “Dated Family Home Given Spacious Modern Remodel | Flipping 101 | HGTV”

  1. Laminate sucks. Within a year or two it warps and scratches. Nothing says cheap job than that gray laminate flooring and whiteish gray tiles ever present in every flip in MLS

  2. Very nice. Good choices. I'm so glad they kept the wood floors. I understand why Tarek uses laminate, but most buyers like the character that real wood brings.
    I've never seen Tarek give more props to flippers. They'll probably do great in this business.

  3. This couple will be successful. They have the same vision, don't bicker about things, are hardworking and is willing to learn while even giving Tarek some tips! Well done, great flip, love the kitchen.

  4. Dining room table right by the front door and all that grey (which does NOT pop)…I would walk out and not even see the rest. We all have our preferences and those are deal breakers for me.

  5. Laminate floor is cheap and walking on it barefoot feels gross and if you have natural hardwood floors it's a big bonus and worth the time and effort – but if you're flippin and just want to make a quick buck…

  6. This couple did a great job overall, and it’s awesome to hear they have taught their kids real skills like how to assemble and hang cabinets. They shouldn’t have cheaped out on the mantle, though

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