Day 2 Countdown

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30 Replies to “Day 2 Countdown”

  1. Your passion to make cooking a pleasure and not a chore is spot on. ????

  2. I pre-ordered an autographed copy! Got my notice this morning it shipped! I'm so excited! Fingers crossed that I get the copy with the note! ????

  3. Look really really good but can't find the actual recipe on your website? Guess I'll have to order the cookbook!!

  4. Come on tell me what do you do for your skin. it's amazing????????????????????

  5. That chicken looks utterly delicious. Btw, you have amazing credentials. Not that you had to prove yourself here. Your amazing recipes, enthusiastic attitude, and slightly irreverent demeanour say it all. Keep on cookin' !!

  6. Damn you look ???? better than the food absolutely gorgeous ❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Your husband is the luckiest guy on the planet! That's because you're fancy ????

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