Dear Games Workshop, I'm Tired!

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This week, we go through some of my Warhammer backlog and work on projects i’ve been longing to finishing for a long time.

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Painting miniatures for your warhammer & d&d games. Age of sigmar and warhammer 40k. Blood angels, Slaanesh, Death Guard, Space Marines, Space Wolves, Stormcast Eternals, painting scale models, miniature busts! How to paint NMM. How to paint warhammer, how to paint d&D figures.

27 Replies to “Dear Games Workshop, I'm Tired!”

  1. I really like this kind of video. Paint and hobby what you like, vlog style! Keep us updated on your projects!

  2. Taking time for yourself is hugely important! We can wait 🙂 I love the fact that your decompression is still painting, just working on stuff that's more for yourself! I'd actually love to see more 'break' videos where you just do stuff for yourself!

  3. Its amazing how a multimillion dollar company with decades of business can sell multithousand dollar models with absolutely no quality control or quality assurance. Warped pieces, unaligned casts, heavy flashing, damaged details, bubbles, missing parts, etc. People will always argue their customer support is great and will fix the issues but they shouldn't need to. No other company I know can sell you a product for that much money and provide products that reliably low quality and continue to keep business. Its just sad. It needs to change.

  4. Other than helping the community out from time to time by painting stuff you give away, which I love, why wouldn’t you always paint what you wanted to?

    The dioramas are nice, but I’d rather see you paint and finish things you really want to paint.

  5. I don't know if this has already been said but the large forgeworld kits are only made to order, so they would not have any spare parts for a warlord sitting around (although you'd have to wonder what happened to the missing part did it get cast or left out..) I have been to the HQ a couple of times and the store will only stock a few of the smaller kits and such

  6. Just commented and liked 10 seconds into the video. I love GW but they drain me with their anti fan decisions and I don't even make content for them. Lovingly a 25 year GW fan

  7. Interesting how to many of us viewers this video may be very similar to all the others. I don’t think e realize how much difference it makes to your mental health to paint something you have to for the next video, vs. just painting some stuff for fun! Stay strong!

  8. I love that your idea of time off is to just paint something different for yourself. No time away from painting….

  9. 2:39 I think you laid it out right there, forgeworld is “premium” (fooking allegedly) and everything isn’t sitting around so they can just send out a missing part, it has to be cast and sent.

  10. I have been dealing With GW. on missing kill teams out of the Into the Darl Box now for a month. feels like im getting nowhere.

  11. I gotta say, your basing is next level every single time! I love just how crazy and full of life they are!

  12. That video was so refreshing, I'd even like to see more "chill" videos, that don't put you under all that pressure.

  13. I'm excited about you having FUN in the hobby, now, and for many more years to come!

  14. Emil and Lucas it was such a pleasure to meet you in Melbourne and do the basing workshop with you. You guys seemed super tired, but could see your passion for the hobby in person. Take a break and rest up and keep making these awesome videos when you feel ready!

  15. Man i really dont care what you make, all videos are cool including this one. take care of yourself first!!!

  16. Don't get tired! Keep having fun doing those videos and take the time you need ????
    Also, i like video like this with several little projects, some painting, some conversion, without the need to create the uber iper biggest-than-all project all around; if you put your hearth on those, they are as good as the biggest projects!!

  17. I really loved seeing you mess around with fun conversions! Much more inspirational for me since I personally feel like I'm never gonna own a Warlord Titan. Looking forward to the epic finale though! Also I believe I bought a few bags of the same lollipops with skeleton legs/hands like you used, hoarded them on discount after Halloween! ????

  18. Emil, @squidmarminiatures, your extreme professionalism, when it comes to making yourself work so hard to get these videos ready, is not why people watch your content. We watch your content because you are excited about the content. It's your excitement that is the drug we keep coming back for. So take your time to stay excited about your projects ????

  19. It was amazing to meet you and Lukas at Arc40k last weekend, you are both so inspiring to me, and I think to the hobby as a whole, and I know that the 60 hour journey to get here was anything but ideal! But thank you both so much for making the trip, it will be something I will remember forever. Keep doing you, we all love to see it

  20. I was getting worried with the rate you guys were pumping out videos, it seemed like a lot of work, very quickly. Take weeks off, I don't think people would blame you

  21. There is a BIG problem with GW and Forgeworld and their Quality Control department.

    I'm an engineer specialized in logistics, production and materials and what they've sended to you in the video about the Mantha IS a testimony of their lack of Quality control, more exactly is a testimony of their lack of Quality Control. One thing is a little misstake, an small warp, a little bubble, etc that could go under the radar even if they shouldn't be if the Quality control is working properly.

    Is a problem that affects all GW and forgeWorld and how they deal with this problems, the post-sale service, is also a shame. No one should be waiting 5 days for an e-mail reply. If they don't have enought staff to deal with the workload… well, hire more. With 150M pounts in BENEFITS they probably can spare a few salaries to hire more people.

  22. I honestly Liked this Video way more than spamming diorama. Just keep filming you hobbying, painting models or armys i find way more interresting. So keep mixing it Up if you enjoy it aswell. Also nice to not having a finished result at the end. Its more realistic this way.dont Push yourself over the top all the time. So we can enjoy your content longer.thanksquidmar i also got my 1st sable brushes from your campaign and i love them.

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