29 Replies to “Delicious crawfish pies”

  1. Trying to loss weight eating one meal a day. not the shit i need to be watchin rn, looks bomb tho ?

  2. Love that dude uses no fancy ass equipment or ingredients. Just everyday stuff that every day people use

  3. Awesome vid/recipe, Ralph!…Question: If crawfish isn't readily available would crab (shrimp?) work as a sub??

  4. If you try grated parmesan instead of bread crumbs wit a sliver of butter on top and bake. Puts a crunch on top extra flavor.

  5. Ultimately this man loves to cook comes up with some of the best ideas. Keep up the great content.

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  7. I just gained 30lbs. I just literally ate every dish I just watched! ?????? I think I’m on video 20…???

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