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Hey everyone, today we’re discussing some interior design and decorating elements that are TIMELESS! Because it’s not always all about being trendy ????

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  1. Looks like your new hairstyle is a winner judging by all the comments. ???????? Gorgeous!

  2. Grey, beige, greige and white? BORING. Look to the palate of timeless design. Wedgwood blue, pink, sage green, grey, or even black as used on Jasperware for centuries have a timeless but not boring, neutral look that can be a lovely backdrop for all sorts of design style, from formal and traditional right through eclectic and even modern, with a huge stop at "English Country House" which is rather eclectic in steroids. Actually, that last is the hardest one for designers to pull off. It requires patience and knowledge because every element has to be of the same exquisite quality; the best of its kind, or you end up with bring and buy sale chic.

  3. Our home will be painted Behr Ultra Pure White in May. The existing windows are beige metal. We’re considering having the exterior of the frames painted black, also the front and garage doors, for a crisp, modern look. If we leave the metal window frames beige, our concern is that the house wouldn’t look complete. Mind, the frames are thin, only a couple of inches. Thoughts?

  4. I grew up in a 1920s cottage-style Tudor with the original leaded windows. The beading was dark grey and often read as black. I really like the black mullioned windows, but maybe it's because I've seen some really tacky white vinyl windows.

  5. Interesting factoid about ticking stripe. I love your videos, esp your timeless, classic design ones. Having just built a house I am so relieved that I read a lot about what would be timeless as well as aging in place friendly design. This would actually be a good topic if it appeals to you. A series on building or redesigning homes to make them multi generational or aging-in-place-friendly. At a time when it’s becoming more expensive for many people to own a home, creating a forever home has so much significance. What does forever mean and how can you make one that will meet your needs with the passage of time…

  6. Thank you for another very informative video. It would be really fantastic if you also listed Canadian vendors. I always look forward to learning from you

  7. The way you explain all things interiors is excellent. From start to finish every piece of information is relevant and useful; and great sense of humor. Love the hair too. Thank you for the lessons in this, and previous episodes. ????

  8. Yea my pieces are classic. I struggle with timeless based on trendy nature of the world now.

  9. We're building a new house. contemporary style-ish. I'm not a designer but I have in my head exactly what I want (I think!).. and I REALLY want black windows in the kitchen. I'm torn! I want timeless.. and I dont want black window frames in the rest of the house… should I think about changing my desire for the kitchen windows being black?? just wondering….

  10. Great video and very helpful right now with our full home renovation! What are your thoughts on interior white windows/trim with black doors? Timeless or no?

  11. Thanks Pretty Posh. I am an architect but cannot do interiors, you by FAR are the best teacher. The lingo and the design principles are the same but soooo different in process and approach. I understand you, the what and the why of everything. I had to do like 5 rooms and was lost and watched the other channels to see the trends to know what the trends were so I could avoid those. One thing is that I like the black mullions but you are right, they will go out of style. ???? Another thing, for example, is that "mixing metals" I believe to be complete nonsense. The last thing is that it does take time to "get things right", might even be a never ending process. That was a new concept for me. You are SOLID!
    A design element I think we both often forget about it "whimsy", clients "poo-poo", this doing things just for the hell of it and squelch out fun. I am doing a small bathroom that is just CRAZY. The colors carry throughout but my sconces are outdoor huge garage carriage lights, ridiculously huge pattern wallpaper, stainless steel kitchen sink, artwork is literally Banksy's graffiti, etc. Not finished but the result will look great, but "tongue in cheek". I is already my favorite room.

  12. Great to see you hit this topic!!! Great Job. Precious, I love your content. Credit to you, you do a marvellous job!

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