30 Replies to “Did I really just DESTROY my Fortnite ✨masterpiece✨?”

  1. Kauczuk.. QUICK QUESTION <3.. Are you an army 💜? I really like your art. I was inspired by you. Please can you comment in one of my videos. I will be really very very happy 😁😊

  2. Make technoblade he just dead,he say before he dead tecnoblade never dies so plsssssss

  3. Type Technoblade
    And if he doesn’t do techno
    Then idk
    But lets all try to make him do techno
    Technoblade never dies it will be a true honour if u could draw him
    Pls 🔜

  4. Wow Amazing Art ☺️☺️
    Love from India 😊😊☺️😊🤩

  5. Do techno blade please… he died from cancer and it will make my life much better..

  6. Can you do your favorite Fortnite character from the battle pass? Mines Evie <3 (style 1)

  7. Hey man. This is great, you should totally do Technoblade! All the dsmp fans have been kinda in the dumps, me included.

    If course if you don't want to that's cool. Just a request:)

    Technoblade never dies!
    Long live the Blood god!

  8. You should do an art for techno blade 😢😔 he will always be remembered.

  9. Thoughth this was stolen when I was just scrolling shorts but nah im just early asf

  10. Could you do Technoblade? (Techno died recently of 4rth stage cancer) 😰
    Ty ❤️

  11. I’d say that the left side is better but the cloud on his head is better in right

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