14 Replies to “Did you know it could be SO EASY to make MCFLURRIES at home? #recipe #food #shorts”

  1. Your shorts always pop up on days where I'm like "ok, today I'll be sure to eat healthily" 😀 😀

  2. and that is probably the only spoonful you eat…plus all that flour, why not create it with toasted oats or similar…unhealthy, just eat the Mcflurry????

  3. I gave NEET this year by studying seriously only in the last month and I am getting 600+ but i may have to take drop this year and hope for a very good government college.

  4. Assalamualaikum. Mashaallah video. Also just want to inform you sister Starbucks is haram.

  5. Jello has gelatin which comes from pigs. Unless you used a version with Soy Lethcin?

  6. Uff her one eye brow raise and that eye scares me always every time she tries her food

  7. …on the McDonald’s theme please teach us how to make the fudge sundae(with that unique tasting fudge they used to have, not the cheap chocolate sauce they use now), mcchicken, club sandwich, oh and their signature sandwiches they used to have. I miss the avocado pico de gallo chicken sandwich ????

  8. Making your own whipped cream? That must be a joke right? Do americans really buy pre-whipped cream?????

  9. When they don’t look like mcflurries.????
    (no hate guys it was a joke okay)

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