DIY Dual-Layer LCD monitor – can it match OLED??

Dual-layer LCD monitors aren’t hard to make, but can they perform? AD: Want to try Huel? Visit: it’s SUPER tasty! Thanks to @HuelYT for the sponsorship!

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  1. just remove the in-between polarisation layers from the front and back screen. I've done this for a custom sidepanel on my PC. You can also use one controller board by perfectly aligning the ribbon cable at the tips and removing the insulation, so they act as one cable. Shaving it with a sharp razor blade works perfect. The screen itself doesn't really draw much current, so you shouldn't be able to overload the driver board by adding a second screen on it's output.

  2. A quick tip, monitors usually have an anti-glare coating on them that makes reflections not as annoying, with the drawback being that blacks cannot be as black as they should. Maybe for V2 you can look into that

  3. Why are you smiling like an insane serial killer? Just be regular. Not everything needs to be so feminine.

  4. This is quite similar to something that was done (very successfully) at the computer science lab at my university. Rather than using two LCD panels, they used a DLP projector as the backlight for one panel.

  5. in theory at least, given 8 bits per channel, it should be possible to get ultra high 16 bit dynamic range.

  6. The $1k-$3k price estimate from the beginning of the video is a bit misleading… Just the other day I was able to pick up a brand new 24" 1440p 75hz IPS display for $200

  7. Would I do it myself? Nope, too complicated.
    Did I enjoy the video of you making it? Yeah! Very well done!

  8. Me seeing in my bad contrast monitor how good your good contrast monitor looks.

  9. Cool project and while it may have its applications and I'm sure a few people are happy they found out about this, compared to most of your other projects it feels like one of the less useful results. VAs have decent enough blacks and I'll take an IPS over those even if the blacks are worse because they're still fine and I'll just get an OLED when they get cheaper. Also, the biggest advantage of OLED for gaming is the pixel response time, not the blacks and this does not help with that at all.

  10. можно было снять с нижней матрицы поляризационную пленку и не мучаться. я это проверял, работает идеально, и не нужно выдумывать подсветку и ее охлаждение

  11. If you are willing to spend 30k you can get the professional 4k HDR version of it from Sony BVM-HX310

  12. Another thing that works is removing the anti-glare coating. I removed it from my monitor and overall contrast and colors looked way better

  13. electricity is so expensive where i live that it isn't really viable. My pc already draws 900w and I'm not about all that work. :,D
    Anyways the new alienwear doesn't have image retention issues because it's a qd oled. I would recomend that even if it costs 1100. I got that one and i pay 50 euro a month for 0 euro financing. Just cancel your streaming services and don't order as much food and you will be fine. I know that you at least order food out 2 times a month! Don't be a lazy fat-ass and cook yourself! :,D

  14. One thing I don't like in DIY videos is unfair comparisons to inflate the difference. Like you're comparing prices of new monitors VS prices of used one in DIY version. In DIY you're not taking into account the price of the original monitor, while in the new one you're assuming you're getting a new one and you don't say sell the original one to offset the cost by that $100-150.

    When you factor those in, plus all those "optional" things that aren't really optional (you have put the LEDs on something to dissipate heat, you have to put the tracing paper on something, instead of mid-air) – the price goes significantly up, to the point that even without adding the cost of labour, or the problems with the display – lower brightness despite pulling 5-6 times as much power, the "drop shadow"/"outer light" effect on everything, but mostly visible on now not crisp text, loss of detail in dark and light areas – it just doesn't make sense other than an experiment.

    And it's fine as an experiment, it's interesting as that, but why the comparison, and decieving at that, when the results are not comparable?

  15. That kind of splitter usually doesn't support the extra refresh rate the panels are capable of.

  16. I don't get it. First person view of car games is so BAD. Car looks like a bobbling boat going over terrain. Work on that.

  17. You should collect a bunch of tiny high resolution tablet or cell phone screens, and then rig them up into one single insane high resolution monitor with stupid specs that no one on earth could possibly use. Like a freaking 100k screen at 240hz. Lol

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