DIY: Headphones Pouch Tutorial

Materials Needed:

scraps of fabric (main and lining pieces)
soup container lid (about 4.5″ in diameter)
key ring (optional)
coordinating thread
basic sewing supplies

Tutorial was found on Pinterest
Original tutorial can be found here:

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22 Replies to “DIY: Headphones Pouch Tutorial”

  1. Adorable!! AND THANK YOU for not using a white zipper on a white background. Your video was easy to see/follow.

  2. Lovely, made one for each of my daughters for their return to school. VEry easy, thank you.

  3. Cute! I especially love the tiny feet that showed up in the video. 😍😍

  4. I was at a different video doing the same thing I was wondering do you need to use a fusible fabric or interfacing fabric because I'm new to the sewing world

  5. Gr*8 Tutorial I'm always looking for those earplugs thank you for sharing I'm making a few of these

  6. I just wanted to share that I was inspired by your video to make a case that I shared on my website & YT channel- I hope you get a little uptick in traffic from it. 🙂

  7. As a suggestion, If you use fusible fleece you can iron the fleece to the top fabric and give you less material to work with when trying to align everything and sew it together

  8. This was very clear and easy to follow. although i will use a fusible fleece as my batting to make it even easier.

  9. hello I did it and it took me 1 hr,coz I sewed it with my hand,loved it,thanks for the video

  10. Thanks for sharing! Just what I need to keep my headphones from tangling while at the gym:)

  11. Me parece buenísimos tus videos gracias por compartir desde Venezuela te sigo un abrazo

  12. What a cute way to organize headphones! Mines always end up tangled with things in my purse.

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