DIY Rainwater Filter #shorts

DIY Rainwater Filter #shorts. There’s a long video on the channel with a lot more details.
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DIY Rainwater Filter –

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25 Replies to “DIY Rainwater Filter #shorts”

  1. Аж кот съеб…лся из дому от такого хозяина????????????

  2. PERFEKT….., SOOOO IST ES RICHTIG ????????????????❣️‼️ LGheike_v.P…..

  3. Вы что пить эту воду будете? Зачем такая очистка?

  4. Won't upper sponges get moldy? How will you test them? Or do you just replace them periodically?

  5. สิ่งใหญ่ที่ไม่ดี.คงต้องล้างออกจาก

  6. Пить нечего, а в России воды много чистой, только мы вам не дадим.

  7. I don't care how many 30s, 10's, piles of charcoal, etc that you put in there. It's still going to have bacteria in it.

  8. You don't need sand at all with organic charcoal, that has no fire starter in it. Charcoal only thing that cleans clorine and fluoride out of your water.

  9. Нахуа и зачем, пить собрались эту воду, дебилы?

  10. Where are I not seen in a few weeks? I know you had Covid. I hope you are still doing well? your friend from Tennessee Marie. ❤

  11. хороший лоток для кошек.????????????????????

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