DIY Tub Surround Installation | Stone Coat Epoxy

Stone Coat Products:
Products used in this video:
Stone Coat Art Coat
Stone Coat Blue Earth Metallic Powder
Stone Coat White Metallic Powder
Stone Coat Pearl Metallic Powder
Alumilite White Dye
Alumilite Brown Dye –
Stone Coat Fiberglass Mesh for Shower Walls –
Stone Coat Notch Trowel –
Stone Coat Chop Brush –
Stone Coat Super Cast –
Stone Coat Slab Leveling Jig –
Bernzomatic TS4000 Propane Torch –
1″x4’x8′ Pink Foam Panels –
Ardex S1K Waterproofing Membrane –
Clear Silicone Caulking –
Alex Fast Dry Latex Caulking –

Chapter Breakdown:
0:00 – DIY Tub Surround Installation with Stone Coat Epoxy – No Demo Needed
0:48 – How to Template a Tub Surround or How To Template Shower Walls
1:22 – How to make waterproof wall panels out of pink installation foam
2:23 – Adding a Drop Edge to Hide the old cultured marble wall panels
6:39 – How to apply Stone Coat Epoxy Undercoat to foam wall panels
6:59 – How to add a fiberglass reinforcement layer to foam wall panels
9:42 – How to remove epoxy drips from pink foam shower walls
10:00 – Preparing foam panels for an exotic pour epoxy technique – Tape dam
10:26 – Mixing Stone Coat Epoxy
10:35 – Adding Colors to Stone Coat Epoxy
11:20 – How to apply an exotic pour bucket to DIY Tub Surround Wall Panels
12:43 – How to remove air from mixed epoxy
13:07 – How to remove an epoxy tape dam
13:48 – How to apply an epoxy clear coat
15:51 – How to make mini epoxy river table wall caps – Do you want to see a full tutorial?
17:27 – Removing cured epoxy drips with a sander
17:42 – Extra protection on the back side – Applying Ardex S1K Waterproofing Membrane
18:22 – How to install epoxy tub surround on site
20:29 – How to cut the epoxy shower panel for the shower handle
23:30 – Use Clear Silicone to attach the foam to the wall
26:45 – Use White Silicone to seal the foam epoxy panel to the bathtub
27:35 – Final Shots – Project Complete

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Learn in today’s free DIY Stone Coat Epoxy tutorial how Mitch saved money on his bathroom remodel. The old cultured marble wall panels were in poor shape, stained and they’ve seen better days. With minimal demolition, Mitch left the old cultured marble in place and installed new waterproof epoxy wall panels over the old ones. We created new wall caps with Stone Coat Epoxy, epoxy woodworking is satisfying. We made mini river table wall caps that matched the new exotic stone wall panels and this bathroom remodel on a budget was a home run!
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  1. important mini lesson here in this video, it's not about not cutting towards yourself, it's about keeping out of the blade path when you do. solid technique Mitch.

  2. Added tip instead of a bondo spreader for small jobs you can get a cake decorating kit at the dollar store that acts like a trowel.

  3. Mitch where are your safety glasses to protect your eyes when routing?

  4. Y’all are living dream I’m in wheelchair no legs do little woodworking love come shop do epoxy see that’s one my dreams

  5. I love this video Mitch!! Especially your memories of listening to the 60's with your Dad!! Great job teaching step by step!!

  6. Love it Mitch! I really enjoy your humor. I think we have the same loaded cache…

  7. I didn't see the part where you put the waterproof membrane on and I've looked back to see on the video but I'm not sure if the mesh is the waterproof membrane I'm very new at this and I want to start with small projects so I'm trying to get everything down and we have a small bathroom near the kitchen it was a small sink and it has a backsplash and I would like to use this technique to do the sink and the little backsplash behind it. So I was curious if the mesh was the waterproofing membrane that it is speaking about

  8. Very nice! Love the new look! Could you please share your windowsill video? I have some windowsills I would really like to redo!

  9. So BEAUTIFUL! I’d never leave the bathtub!! Thank you! Question…how do you clean the tool you use to mix the resin? Thanks again!!

  10. The 10 is the gauge diameter of the screw and the 24 is how many threads per linear inch.

  11. The number 10 is the diameter of your screw and the 24 is the number of threads per inch and the next number would be the length. So a 10 24 1 1/2 would be a one and ahalf inch long number 10 screw with 24 threads per inch.

  12. I have an 80% complete bathroom in my basement with a separate shower area. All I need is a tub, toilet, sink vanity, and tile or epoxy in the shower and tub area. It's all roughed in electrical included. These applications would be perfect 👌. It's going to be one badass Man Cave down there when I'm done.

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