DIY Tumblr inspired iPhone Cases+Tumblr Laptop!

DIY Tumblr inspired iPhone Cases +DIY iPhone Cases! DIY iPhone Cases Tumblr DIY for Teens! DIY Tech Cases! DIY iPhone 6 Case,DIY Tumblr Room Decorations coming soon!!!
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(Me 1 year ago!)DIY iPhone Cases:

At Office max, Walmart, or craft stores!!!!

♡Search Tumblr Color Overlays!

♡You can make any case iPhone 5,6,4, and Galaxy this way!

♡Here are the cases I used!

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Find out how to make a Tumblr Inspired laptop with custom stickers and cute Phone cases that are very in expensive! This is a fun DIY to do when you are bored or even to make as a gift for a friend.
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  1. Love your channel!!!! ♥♥♥😍😍😍 Quick question when you print out the stickers does it matter which type of printer to use? I have a HP printer thats why😭

  2. after in print whether the ink does't fade-stick in your hand? you see i have tried and after on the print the sticker when held the ink faded. PLS ANSWERR thankyouu

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