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25 Replies to “"DO THAT AGAIN!!" TUTORIAL”

  1. I rediscovered magic recently and when I opened my dusty deck collection, the newest deck I had, that was ready for magic, had two duplicate cards in it. Clever past me.

  2. Jarek. I preformed the magic kissing trick in front of a live audience and put my pre signed card in my pocket. Had them pick a card, found the same card that was in my pocket in my deck. Said it was my "favorite". Put the card on top of the deck and then had them put their card on top of mine. I told a story and reach into my pocket with out them noticing, palmed the pre signed card and placed it on top of their card. Then I was set up for the rest of the trick. What are you're thoughts on this method?

  3. how'd u double lift by pushing the cards off in that way ? is there a tutorial ?

  4. I just got a deck that includes a card with the design on the back of all the other cards on both sides. I know there has to be some way I can use it in a trick but I haven't seen any tricks like that. Any ideas? Maybe you can find a deck like it and make it into a future tutorial?

  5. You're not only disturbing reality, but you're disturbing me with the flashes, not the CARD flashes, but the image/gif flashes…

  6. Men your the boss keep doing what you do and thanks for all the magic, my magician name is solrac the magician

    I love you man your the best magician ever, your my master hehehehe take care

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