Do THIS Before Starting your Etsy Shop in 2020 | Tips From an Etsy Seller

Considering opening an Etsy shop? Do THIS before starting your Etsy shop! In this video, learn a ton of tips from an etsy seller of 4 years. I have an Etsy shop selling wood signs, vinyl decals, and personalized gifts. I am by no means an expert, but I have found some success in my Etsy shop, and I would love to share it with others. If you want to start a business, you CAN do it! Thank you so much for watching, stay tuned for episode 2 in this Etsy series.




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  1. i really hope you get this this video was posted two years ago.. How did you legalize your Business for $200. It's what I really wan to do before I start an Etsy shop and website.. and the only thing that's holding me back from getting started, in my mind its So Expensive and confusing.
    Can you point me in the right direction I would highly appreciate the blessing and this video is EXCELLENT Thank you.

  2. Great video as a;ways. You are so down to earth and real. I have an Etsy shop and at the moment only one item listed, my others expired and I did'nt renew them oops. My pictures are bad and I know that not sure how to improve them? I'm Yellow Daisy Crafts Co but not much to look at ?

  3. I crochet and knit. I’m going to try to start a shop up. I opened one along time ago and it didn’t do well but wasn’t versed in all the ins and outs which you covered really well. So I’m going to rev up and try again. Thanks for the info and the encouragement.

  4. Thank you for your video, you are amazing… I don't understand all about copyright… Etsy is full of Tshirt, svg, Tumblers with mickey mouse, cartoons and movie images… So, why I can't?… A lot of people are selling svg with Mickey Mouse, they don't own that images… you buy that svg image from them and they give you a lot of rules of what you can or can't do with image that really don't belong to them… I will love to start with cartoons images and I don't understand why some people can do it and others don't… 😒🤔☹😫😢😭

  5. I’m just starting a new adventure with my Cricut machine etc. I’ve been a hairdresser for almost 30years and you have given me so much great information! Awesome video!

  6. Do you do auto renewal on all your products? And what do you mean by “pushing” a product” thank you so much

  7. Thank you I’ve felt really scared about starting an Etsy shop. This helped to realize to just be patient, take it slow and save up to get started. ❤️ I have 200$ to get started at the moment but I’m going to save up a little more… Also I’m curious did you get Business insurance for your shop when you started? Is this something I could wait to do?

  8. Thanks for the great video. It is organized and you present so well. I just barely opened my shop (WildeWoodsCompany), and I'm looking forward to applying your tips. I sell deadwood and soon I will add driftwood.

  9. Thank you for this video. I am thinking about opening an stay shop. I crochet. God bless.

  10. This was so helpful! Thanks for sharing. I just recently started my Etsy shop at "Brooklyn Horne Art" where I sell my original abstract paintings and prints!

  11. Thank you for this information . It's much need. I can't really sell to my family members because they are not supportive and won't give real criticism.i won't let that stop me .

  12. So informative! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I bought a cricut maker, it is still in the box. I have been watching many videos to get an idea of what I'd like to make and where I want this journey to lead. This is great information! I'm getting super motivated to get everything set up and try my hand at designing something fun!😊

  13. You have done a great job creating this video! I am in my 60’s and my daughter has convinced me to create an Etsy page for my woodworking crafts. I found this video to be very clear and down to business. A great overview of what I am getting into. Rock on!

  14. You are amazing Sallie, you look so young I cant believe you have children. I believe everything single thing, you say you have a gift How can I contact you directly

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