Do This Summer Planting Trick For BIG Harvests!

Today’s video shares a summer gardening planting trick I use to squeeze as much delicious homegrown food from the vegetable garden as possible. Whilst many people think it is too late to put anything else in the ground that is far from the truth and there are still so many opportunities! I really hope you find this helpful and simple so you too can enjoy the multitude of benefits you get from applying this planting technique to your own garden or allotment. The best thing about it is how simple and easy it is, and I ensure I cover all the key points so no matter your gardening experience you can absolutely use this method.

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25 Replies to “Do This Summer Planting Trick For BIG Harvests!”

  1. Would love to see some shorts or photos of some of your meals for inspiration.

  2. I dry to plant many vegetables but it destroy by insect am so sad and hope one day can grow well like you ?

  3. Huw you probably have mentioned this in previous videos but what zone are you in?

  4. Yes, I have noticed that when I have excess starts from the greenhouse I do find places, with no added cost of course. If I can't think of it ahead, necessity of getting those plants out to the garden does surprise me with a design I had not thought of. This helps elevate the horticultural therapeutic experience.

  5. Thankyou Huw, some great ideas there. I've got quite a few veg seedlings growing and if they don't get eaten up by slugs etc, I'm going to put them in amongst the flower beds. It's a shared garden, so sadly I can't dig the lawn up…

  6. Great video Huw. Thanks once again. Do you add these gap filler plants to your main planting plan when they go in so you know what's where? Or is this a rebellious act? 😉

  7. Leeks are amazing! Don’t seem to mind being transplanted multiple times. ?

    Garden looks awesome, Huw.

  8. Thank you Huw for sharing l watch all your vlogs but l dont always add my thoughts but always a big Thank you xxx

  9. That's exactly what I was doing today – beetroot, dwarf beans, dill and calendula ? And the wind was exactly the same here in Northern Poland ?

  10. Having a mix of close up, medium, long range, and drone shots is educational in itself. I really appreciate the beautiful and clever camera work. It is both calming and inspiring to watch.

  11. Also, calendula helps a bit with natural pest control. Great tips as always. Thank you.?

  12. Thank you Huw – I always have a smile on my face watching your channel! It’s brilliantly helpful

  13. As always, always teaching us new tips,or tricks on gardening, thanks Huw??????

  14. Hi Hugh. Can you please give me some skills on growing onions. I can't seem to get it right. Please kind regards Tania

  15. I have a question for you. I grew corn this year and absolutely no cobs formed on the stalks. They are tasseling now but that’s it? What could have caused them not to even try to grow ears?

  16. Great video Huw. I never end up sticking to the plan and end up with summer crops in any gap ? hopefully my winter garden will be more organised.

  17. Good. And, very good microphone! Blowing gales around you and sound is good.

  18. Does anyone know if tomatillo leaves will regrow if roots are healthy? A deer just ate most of the leaves off my plants just as the flowers were coming in?!

  19. I have been watching your videos since you first started them, and it's so pleasing to see how you grew and evolved as a gardener! Well done! A garden that it's too neat and clean is open to destruction being by pests or weather!!

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