Does Dry-Aged Tuna Taste Like Steak? — Prime Time

On this week’s episode of Prime Time, The Meat Hook butchers Ben Turley and Brent Young head to Osakana in New York City, where chef Daniel Lee teaches them how to dry-age and cure fish to create a steak-like flavor.

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12 Replies to “Does Dry-Aged Tuna Taste Like Steak? — Prime Time”

  1. As a southerner who catches a lot of catfish and bass, I’m so curious to know if these techniques would work for fish down here and the best ways to prepare them in our climate.

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  3. Used to grill shark in spicy butter….tasted just like steak…served it with A-1.(soaked it in milk first;shark has an ammonia thing you have to get rid of.)

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    What's with the blank audio?

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