Dollar Tree DIY Room Decor Anthropologie & West Elm Inspired

Dollar tree DIY room decor $5 or less! Easy DIY Dollar Tree home decor that looks expensive and will give your home a high end look on a budget. This video shows how to DIY neutral room decor that fits most home decor styles including farmhouse, boho, mid century modern, rustic, minimalist and traditional. Dollar Tree DIYs inspired by Anthropologie and West Elm for any room, any style and everyday year round decor. I hope you enjoy these affordable room decor DIYs & much love to you all!

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  1. I really like your orbs but how many feet of rope do you need for the small and the large ones…. I would hate to cut not enough and have to add in the middle?

  2. Oh my I just seen this video and your pillow will be made for a Christmas present. My son is so hard to buy for so this will be perfect. Thank you so much . Love all the projects ❤️ and happy holidays to your family.

  3. They looked great high-end looks expensiveyou.did a good job. Never know it was made with dollar tree products tje orbs were nice too. I will.try these diys

  4. Experience Learning ! Megan’s phrase is going to become my mantra from now on ! Can’t wait to try some of these dupes. Thanks For sharing Megan !

  5. I love your down to earth, super interesting, fun way of explaining things! You are hilarious, exciting to listen to, and just amazing!!!

  6. I can't share a photo on here, but I just made my first rope/yarn wrapped vase and I hot glued EVERY single row! Are you telling me that I only had to Glue the top and bottom??? Even with the softer white nautical rope pulled apart into three smaller pieces and chennelle yarn?

  7. Do you have a compilation video of all or a lot of your rope DIY's? I was just watching the Latina Next Door and she said that you were the rope DIY queen, so I'm so excited to see your rope creations! I've found a few, but I'm hoping you have a compilation… Please link me if so! I was already subscribed so I've come back to look even closer ❤️❤️❤️ LOVE ALL OF YOUR STUFF

  8. Love this video! I am on spring break next week and will try some of these projects .

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