Dominique Dawes on State of Olympic Gymnastics

With Rio just days away, the “Fierce Five” have become the darlings of the gymnastics world. Three-time Olympic gymnast Dominique Dawes joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero to talk about Rio and her life after the “Magnificent Seven.”

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30 Replies to “Dominique Dawes on State of Olympic Gymnastics”

  1. She and Dominique Moceanu were amazing gymnasts and incredible people that bring up kids in gymnastics in healthy way both in mental and physical capacity.

  2. Dominique is a class act and so beautiful. Her 1994 floor will go down in history as one of the greatest ever.

  3. Wow. Dominique is so gorgeous, her skin is flawless and she still looks the same. She's a excellent ambassador for all woman athletes and great MOTHER to her girls.

  4. Same old racist question coming from the media concerning skin color and diversity! I’m glad Dominique straitened her racist question out by educating her how diverse the magnificent seven were! Plus the fact that the reason that the majority of participants are white is because the majority of countries that participate in gymnastics at the elite level are white! Gymnastics are a competition! Remove the racist veils from your faces!

  5. why does white boys only partner up with black women who hv success n ignore black chicks from the projects n when a black man poor white women look d other way but when he rich they all up in his face thats y giv me a
    jay ze n beyonce all day they know whats up with whitey tryna cash in on black success.

  6. She will always be my all time favorite floor gymnast. To me she is the best to ever do floor routines.

  7. She was the greatest in my eyes back in the 90s . And one of the reasons I wanted to be a Gymnast

  8. Dominique was really my favorite gymnast in the 90s. She was both so powerful and so fragile wich made her very endearing. It was always a great show and I held my breath every time. And what a presence too !!! I wish she had won the all around competition in Atlanta, she really deserved it. Thank you Dominique for having made us vibrate with you !!!! Kisses from France !!!

  9. She always gets really annoyed when journalists ask her about being a woman of color in a white sport unless she brings it up herself. I love Dominique but she does gloss a lot of things over. I think it’s her nature. She has never wanted to come off as confrontational even though she was held to a much higher standard and dealt with a lot of racism in her career.

  10. Dominique Dawes is such a classy lady. Such an amazing athlete and an even more amazing person. I feel a sense of pride as an American knowing she represented and still represents our country. Thank you, Dominique!

  11. I know most of the comments are about gymnastics of course, but I love how she speaks. She's so eloquent, enunciates her words so well, and has such a pleasant tone. I could listen to her speak all day 😍

  12. Every time I see Dominique, I think of how much she looks like the love child of Left Eye and Jada Pinkett lol

  13. Estoy feliz de haberte visto nuevamente 4 figuras? No lo he olvidado. Es importante que te cuente que entendi todo muy bien. Y que me has dado un poco de fe. Tu mensaje es muy fuerte . Saludos. Patricia

  14. Duhhhh of course there were people who made her feel unwelcome as and African American in a predominantly white sport!!!!

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