Double Bun Hairstyle l Cute Anime Odango Buns

Here’s a hair tutorial for a cute double pigtail bun hairstyle. This is a fun way to create voluminous and round hair buns when your hair is thin. These high hair buns are inspired by Chinese dolls, adorable pandas, Minnie & Mickey Mouse, Pucca, Kai Lan, and Chun Li. You can wear this cute and easy hairstyle for school, Halloween, or when you cosplay/dress up as any of the characters mentioned above.

Anime Maid Hairstyles ✘
Anime School Girl Hairstyles ✘
Cute Anime Pigtails✘

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  1. I am actually doing this hairstyle! Thx for the tutorial! Now I know how to do it TvT

  2. This is really helpful for this coming up UN at my school, and me being the China representative!!! Also, you look like Tenten from Naruto! Kawaii!! 😍

  3. would this look good if it was styled with a cheongsam? I'm really curious as I'm going to wear one at school! thanks in advance :3

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