Doughnut Gift Tag ♥ DIY – KAWAIIMAS

Today I show you how to make a super cute doughnut gift tag to personalize your Holiday gifts!

Doughnut Gift Tag ♥ DIY – KAWAIIMAS

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Music by Podington Bear
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28 Replies to “Doughnut Gift Tag ♥ DIY – KAWAIIMAS”

  1. OMG! These are adorable! This weekend I am 100% getting the supplies and making this immediately! 

  2. this is ACTUAL kawaii.Not just taking an ordinary object and adding two dots for eyes and a line for a smile in the middle and calling it kawaii

  3. Hey guys I know a lot of people don't like when other people do this but I'd like you guys all to check out The Lady Squid she's one of my really good friends and it be really nice if you just check out a channel she does Minecraft videos on the PS4 and I just think you guys will really like her thanks! 😉

  4. kawaii isnt just stuff like >3< it means cute in japanese thats just like saying "Thats so lindo!"

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