12 Replies to “Drainage problem – Water Spring under house after heavy rain”

  1. This is way too easy a fix. Isn't there a better solution involving a drilled well on the upside of the wall and an old washing machine pump powered by a small hydroelectric turbine that uses a reservoir charged by rainwater? I think you need bigger drain holes through the wall, at least. Great videos! Thanks!

  2. Relieving the pore water pressure was a good 1st step. Back of wall drainage is the permanent solution, your outfall looks problematic though ๐Ÿ™

  3. I've got the same ozito hammer drill, its a beast and makes quick work of drilling into concrete

  4. One, The retaining wall should be taken down and a proper one installed that will not allow hydro pressure to build up behind the wall. Two, You need a sump pump under your house along with a French drain to direct any water to it so it can be pumped out. and finally you need to put a vapor barrier under your home to help prevent condensation from getting on all the surfaces causing mold.

  5. Funny because I used that very same Ozito hammer and probably craftright long masonry drill to do exactly the same thing in one of my own retaining wallsโ€ฆ

  6. Judging from the way the water came out of the wall, collecting behind the wall is an issue that needs a drainage solution to ensure it clears. You may need to confirm where the footing for the wall extends, as others have said. Punching through the footing could see the wall want to move. At least you have relieved things for now, and a small runway at the side of the path might be all that is needed to help the water on its way. Once more, you are working after the event and clearing the issues others have left for you to find and fix. As usual, you always manage to find a cause and a solution.

  7. Oh look water! Went away for a week …… 120mm rain gauge was not NEAR big enough to measure the rainfall !!!….. bloody wet!

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