18 Replies to “Drawing a portrait in less than a minute”

  1. That's a picture of me after I give myself a minute to see how many shots I can take.

  2. Can anyone tell ,You used white thing what does it called? Is it white pencil or something else?

  3. Oh my gosh! That's amazing!👏
    Do you always see these in your mind or use a special technique to developing a portrait as you go?😳

  4. I wish it was as easy as it looks but one has to have a talent to do a piece of art from moves like that. I adore your work

  5. It's so crazy how when I do this it ends up looking like shit, but when I see you do it, it also ends up looking like shit.

  6. A minute……… Just a minute??? What would happen in about…..1hour?? Pure love ❤️

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