Drawing shiro no game no life (real time drawing) ??

Drawing shiro no game no life.
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?What is this video? It is all about Drawing?
This video about how to draw anime girl for beginners or middle levels who want to draw. This is my REAL Time Drawing Process, about 6mins pencil drawing.

It is a drawing manga girl video about an Anime Name in Japanese is : ノーゲーム・ノーライフ 《NO GAME NO LIFE 遊戲人生》


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☀️ Who is Angie? What is Angieartmanga? ☀️

This Channel name AngieARTmanga.
Stand for ‘Angie’s Art and Angie’s Manga’.
I really love drawing and i love drawing manga and I live in Hong Kong. Love drawing especially Japanese anime and manga.

Share you how to draw manga character, manga eyes, hair.

Hope my drawing process can help you to know about how to draw.
I believe people who love anime and manga can draw good.

Keep practice and pay time to draw on it.

I love drawing,If you too, please subscribe my channel to draw together.

Please note: As there are a lots of requests, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do every one, but I will try my best to draw the ones I can. ^^


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29 Replies to “Drawing shiro no game no life (real time drawing) ??”

  1. Me think this is easy
    She is already done but I'm still on the eyes
    * crumbles up the drawing*

  2. May you please draw yaoyorozu momo from boku no hero academia/my hero academia?

  3. Your's It's perfect,compared to mine looks at my drawing mine looks like an alien??

  4. Were did u get the drawing pencil and whats it called just wanting to know??

  5. are you really a pro? your drawing is cute but not cool something like a pro.

  6. 仔細看了一下你2013年的影片跟2015年的影片畫技真的進步很多@@

  7. 白的呆萌你画出来了,加油我会一直支持你(你应该会中文吧,我记得你会说粤语,不会是我记错了吧)

  8. 这个很像no game no life的白,超可爱的,你画的也太好了吧

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