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  1. my hair naturally looks like that puff. I've always hated it cause it felt like the only hairstyle I could do on my hair. . . You just made me look at things from a different perspective. I didn't know people love it so much. Thank you for allowing me to think of my hair differently 🙂 <3 Looks gorgeous on you, girl!

  2. You're so Drawable, honestly I hope you and cute hair get some nice Fanart!

  3. Imagine receiving all of these compliments, being able to switch up your look in an afternoon, and still having an entire movement villifying everyone for hating on "natural hair".

  4. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT THREE PIECE FUZZY OUTFIT ?!?!? Also you look amazing ❤

  5. I am always so excited to see the genius and mastery behind Black hair styling. The different levels of intricacy between styling, the little "hacks" (like the bun cover) to make life a little easier while staying confident, the beauty of it all. It's all so incredibly different from the culture I grew up in around hair. So much information starts to gather at a such young age.

    I was never really taught much about my hair. I consider myself both lucky and unlucky. On one hand it wasn't necessary, on the other it would have been nice to have more knowledge about how to style it.

    Little story I want to share…
    When I was little. I had to do a lot of sleepovers at the neighbors' houses because home was not safe for a small child. My friend Skylars' family at some point was the only house that would shelter me. Skylar and her family were black, the only black family in the neighborhood. They were so good to me, I miss them. Anyway, Skylar had cute little braids most of the time and those ADORABLE little plastic clips that are shaped like butterflies. I constantly told her how cute they were and when she let me would clip them in my own hair. Well, one day, I had come over to sleep over at Skylar's house and her mom give me a gift. It was a little bag of those plastic clips, they were shaped like dragonflies (Skylar's mom knew I thought dragonflies were so much cooler than butterflies) I was so overjoyed! Especially cause it was a school night and could wear them to school and match Skylar! Her mom woke me up a little early and did my hair in super cute hair twin tails and put the dragonfly clips all over them. I show Skylar. We had a squealing session and finished getting ready for school. She and I were so happy. We didn't have the same class cause I was held back once but every time we saw each other in the halls we violently waved at each other. I managed not to lose any of my clips and went home to show my mom. She immediately crossed the street to thank Skylars mom a bunch of times. I wasn't a very happy child. I didn't have a lot of friends in school, and a lot of the neighbor children avoided me. I was just in their eyes a weird kid. The truth is I'm autistic, I never really fit in with other kids, but Skylar didn't care, and Skylars parents didn't care. That was a big deal for me and still is. I still have trouble finding groups of people who don't think I'm a weirdo. But I know people like Skylar and her family exist, so I didn't give up. Never give up. there's people out there who will care about you and love you, but you have to make the steps to find them.

  6. If she didn’t say that that was a wig, I want I thought that that was her real hair❤

  7. My baby cousin is mixed with her fathers hair. We have this adorable black baby woth Purto Rican features. I have never done the hair of a black person, so I forgot to put product in her hair. She started to cry when I started crying because her hair snapped in my hand while trying to put it up in a pony because I thought it would've been cute lol.

  8. It’s cute but doing it often will damage your hair ,all that tension the best protection styles are braids,this is definitely cute for somthing temporarily

  9. Why do you cut the braids?

    I'm not trying to be rude so please tell me if you want me to delete this comment!

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