Dripping Springs OLLAS (Clay Pot Irrigation)

What is an OLLA and why do you need one?
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  1. Very interesting watering technique in a hot dry climate where rainfall is scarce.

  2. A great idea that everyone is jumping on, and that now costs a fortune. Over $20 for a small hunk of low-fired clay is a real rip-off, plus the round shape of these do not seem to be good to distribute water … I think deep and skinny would make more sense but they don't look as cute. Ollas right now seem to be the big rip-off thing.

  3. Interesting. I just learned about these today and trying to learn more. I would love to see a crosscut view like in a fish tank showing how wet the soil is under the top layer. I guess I will keep looking on YouTube to see if I can find a video. You are in my neck of the woods as I live near San Antonio. – Heidi

  4. If you can water tomatoes without wetting the leaves, they are much less likely to get fungal diseases, so for tomatoes this looks ideal.

  5. ok I need about 25 a them aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand where do I get them , better yet how much is one

  6. Bought a pair today at my local nursery after seeing your website. I look forward to seeing how they do.

  7. check out something called a "wetpot" a lot more convenient and simple

  8. Fantastic ollas; however, when I looked at the prices, it was $60?

  9. I recommend you put a link to your facebook page in the about section to make it more simple for lazy ppl like me to click and go over there real fast. great info thnx for sharing

  10. It is limestone. Native to Central Texas. You see it EVERYWHERE here:)

  11. What kind of stones are those on your house? Looks almost like they were hand cut or something. I've not seen white stones like that before. Looks very pretty.

  12. Omar,
    Check our website for locations. We are a new company and not yet in the Bay Area. If you have a retailer you think may be interested you can tell them to contact us.
    Thanks! Lori

  13. I like this idea, but I do not know where to find this ollas with big mouth. Please lrt me know where to find in in San Francisco Bay Area.

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