Dye Hair Black NATURALLY with Henna & Indigo Powder | Simply Subrena

Want to get black hair without the chemicals? Fear NOT There is a way!!!
It can be somewhat of a process but if your serious about your hair you wont mind.
Henna is a natural conditioning agent made of plants that have a natural dye. It will give your hair a reddish tint/gloss however if you do a 2-step process with indigo powder you will have black hair as a result.


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  1. I’ve always had a problem with indigo washing out/fading too quickly. It became time consuming to redo it weekly and mid-week with a refresher. Even when I had the regular henna as a base.

  2. u made this video around 7 years ago but now people are making videos on this and now people are crazy about it..

  3. She went to hair dresser and got a black hair paint. She didnt show us applying indigo. FAKE

  4. How long does the Indigo effect lasts for before one starts seeing the grey's again ??

    Is applying henna + Indigo every 15 days ok or would it be too much for the hair to handle ??

    Are there any side effects to applying indigo ??

    Pls reply..

  5. Your hair when you held it close to camera looked terrible.severely damaged from henna?

  6. I'm aware that this is an old viedo but I do have a question to ask. I hope you will be able to see my question. I wanted to know can you dye your hair with henna and indigo on relaxed hair?

  7. I wud to b sure if my hair cud b black or not. is it not brown with henna n indigo

  8. I don't know why.. But I can't stop watching this :') I want to also do this.

  9. I have natural black hair & have 40 to 50% white hair, I want to try this Henna & Indigo to cover up my white hair but the problem is i have also hairloss, do you think if i used this Henna & Indigo it would not do much harm w/ my hair or to have more hairloss…? Thank you, need some advices.

  10. I wanted to ask if there's a possibility that after a while it turns orange. I've never used henna on my hair but I've had friends that have dyed their hair and it has become orange.

  11. Can't hear you very well, are you mixing the indigo power with the henna please let me know if you are applying the henna rinse out and then apply the indigo. Thanks for any help. I apply the henna and turned my hair a redish  brown and I wanted it black.

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