Early Summer Planting Tips:☀️ The BIG Plant Out! 🍅 🥒

Get your trowel at the ready. It’s TIME to PLANT!
What started out as a few hopeful seeds have now turned into a forest of triffids, raring to get out their pots and into the ground. Help!

Never fear! Ben our backyard gardener is here to guide us through his tips, tricks and tasty tid-bits for how to plant all sorts of veggie delights from tomatoes to squashes and beans. Ready, set, GROW!

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30 Replies to “Early Summer Planting Tips:☀️ The BIG Plant Out! 🍅 🥒”

  1. Great video Ben, as usual! I've never thought about utilizing my greenhouse for hothouse tomatoes….I may just have to try it with some of my extra plants this year, along with a movable shade cloth since we can get pretty toasty. Other than my sweet corn and pole shell beans, I've got everything in place. Potatoes, peas, lettuce, spinach alyssum, leeks, onions, kale, and shallots were done earlier, garlic last fall, added sweet peppers, chiles, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, squash, pumpkin, eggplant, green beans, cucumbers, dill, basil, parsley, tarragon, marigolds, calendula, borage, and zinnias this week. Whew. Now….I eagerly await the slug video!!! Grrrr… SLUGS! 🤣 Happy gardening!!

  2. Hi Ben! In Ontario, Canada 6b, there was rain in the forecast last week, and the overnight low was 5°C, so I planted a week early! I'm trying radishes beside my tomatoes this year (never grown those before) and they germinated so quickly! There's so much joy for a gardener at this time of year. Ma your harvest be bountiful!

  3. I am in NE Oregon, USA. I think it’s FINALLY safe to plant out the tomatoes. Inside, I just started some some beans 🫘 zucchini and a couple of squash plants for fall. Just put in potatoes today. I don’t have the knack yet for lettuce 🥬 and other greens but I’ll get there. Thank you for all your supportive videos. We are 100s of miles apart but seem to have similar growing seasons.

  4. I'm just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Spring has been wet and cool. This weekend we are finally getting some 20c weather. The commercial growers say that they are about 3 or 4 weeks behind normal growth. The last frost was about middle of March, it's just been too cool and wet most of the time.

  5. Perfect timing as I have just put out my tomatoes, cabbages, parsley, basil and marigolds. Thank you so much for sharing your tips and garden with us! I did watch your sprucing up your garden, where you added the trellises and obelisks. Where did you find your obelisks? They are absolutely lovely.

  6. HEINOUSLY hot today, 95°F…we go from 0° to 100°…NO SPRING…that nonexistant global warming!
    Now, 1/2 naked, standing in front of the freezer with a cocktail 🍸

  7. I put my seedlings out too early. Now I'll be making a trip to my local garden shop for tomatoes lol

  8. New Jersey, USA. Long cold spring and now it is getting hot. I’m behind and my spring garden didn’t get planted. It rained every day it was warm. Things get done in their due time.

  9. Great video Ben! Just been doing the same today, planting out Tomatoes, cucumber, squash and the like. Question regards beef tomatoes, Marmande specifically. Do you grow them Cordon style? The first flowers have set, and every plant has this big dandelion style flower on the end of the set. What's the deal with that? I've grown Moneymaker and Tigerella previous few years but fancied a change.

  10. I’ve got both marigolds and nasturtium nestled between my pots… glad to know dill works well with beans… i’ll start those tomorrow! Also love your tomatoes in the straw bales… very encouraging to know. Thanks! Love your videos!!

  11. I was thinking I was too late…but I’m not! Thanks for the encouragement.

  12. Today was a lovely day for me. I was able to visit my local allotments as they were doing a plant sale. Not so much for the plants but to see the plot set ups. It is a self managed allotment so there was a massive area for manure and wood chips and then another area for green waste. I couldn't resist and i picked up some seedlings – mint, 2 hot chilli pepper seedlings and 2 horse radish for £1! I think it was because we came later and spent time chatting to a lady about garlic and butter nut squash and what we were all growing. I just need to find out how to grow horse radish now. :o)

    I got home and immediately started taking some photos as we have 4 more courgettes today and some of our strawberries have ripened. We have little raspberries as they have just finished flowering and the red flowers have come out on the runner beans. We also harvested our first rhubarb. We put 2 courgettes in a lasagne and had the rhubarb with some raisins and fennel, cooked in apple juice, a bit of golden syrup and cinnamon. Tomorrow will we have some strawberries and yet more spinach (not getting bored of it every other day yet lol) !

    I also gave away a couple of our spare tomato plants as we have already planted out 20 plants over 3 varieties. Going to fertilise the second round of courgettes and butter nut squash as the leaves are getting a bit pale. I gave them some blood fish and bone when i sized up the pot but forgot the tomato feed so thank you for the reminder!

    Will you be doing a video touring your garden soon?

  13. Spring is later than usual here in Southern Connecticut, USA. Although today it was quite hot so I'm hoping all of my spring veggies don't bolt.

  14. Thank you for your content. I love your approach and have been so inspired. I just built my first ever raised beds and planted tomatoes, peppers, squash, melon, and lots of herbs. I’m in Houston Texas 9b and it’s already reached 100F. We’re in for a hot summer! Cheers!

  15. Planted my runners and french beans a couple of weeks ago at the allotment. Found the pidgeons had eaten the leaves today! Back to the windowsill!

  16. thanks for the cucumber tip im growing them for the first time and wondered why the leaves went crispy i did water them more and they seem better now thankfully

  17. Dear Ben, great video! I also had phytophtera in the tomato’s each year (I planted tomato’s two years in a different spot but with the phytophera I stopped with tomato’s), especially last year my tomato’s had phytophtera from the start. I keep strictly to rotation of crops. Could you explain in a video how to do croprotation with tomato’s and potato’s, and also with phytophtera in a video? Should there be six years between a potato and a tomatocrop? And how long should I wait with potato’s in a patch that had phytophtera in tomato’s? Thank you very much!

  18. For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Tim 1:7)

    Thanks for sharing because your 5 minute bread dough really helped me. I've been making awesome breads and flatbreads now and it's been great. Blessings in the name of Christ.

  19. I’m in Virginia and spring has been wild here, it’s so hot already. The high for today and tomorrow is 97F 🙁

  20. I have great success with tomatoes. My advice is to sow the early 1st of march and keep them on windowsill, keep trimming off bottom leaves. Plant them deep and make sure you waited at least a few days for the wounds from the cut branches to heal before planting. Never pour water on their leaves like he did in the video and always trim any leaves that don't look perfect. Use mulch.

  21. Great video Ben. Here in growing zone 9b, Sacramento, we are coming to the end of our dill and broccoli because the heat is coming. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, zucchini, beetroot, radish, spinach all in and doing great. All my planters are on timed drip irrigation and heavily mulched. Once again we are in a drought in Northern California, actually all the Western States, so drip does the work for me and the mulch keeps the sun off the soil.Next week my family is spending 3 weeks in England visiting relatives etc, so my sons girlfriend is tending my garden. Temps here just went to 100F and high 50'sF overnight so I put my overwintered 2 year old habanero and bell pepper plants out today.:)

  22. Love ur videos. So easy to watch and to understand. That you so much. I have subscribed

  23. Niagara zone 6. Having extreme jumps in temps. It has been 27c for 2 days and now going back to 15 tomorrow! A few tomatoes are outside but holding back peppers, eggplant, squash, cukes. And I have backup tomatoes inside! I've got till the end of September so lots of time.

  24. Here in southwestern ontario we are bouncing between 4 and 29 degrees. Hoping to be able to put out tomatoes and peppers in a few days.

  25. Great Video Ben, thank you. Busy times for us all, we have our runner beans growing well as well as cobra beans and dwarf beans. It has been a great year for growing all forms of marigolds and tagetes for jolly flowers and great companion plants. Thanks for the tip on Dill, I will certainly be sowing a few seeds tomorrow. Tomatoes have been in for 2 weeks now and showing a little yellowing on the leaves, so I have sprinkled some epson salts around to give a magnesium boost.🌱

  26. I live in zone the Netherlands, zone 8B. I started my tomato seeds inside, at around 1/30. I planted them out at around 4/15 when they were around 2,5ft already. I planted them around 1,5-2ft deep and right now they area probably around 4-5ft in total already. Highly recommended.

  27. Thanks again Ben!!! It is storming here,so your “sunny attitude”is most welcome. Absolutely love your videos!!

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