23 Replies to “Easiest way to cut wood!! 😳”

  1. Lmaooo so if you got a pair of 2500 dollar hedge clippers sure but the regular ones at home Depot dont do this ahah

  2. That looks decent if I’m going easy and taking it slow but the one Im using and being at 17 my dad says I ain’t using my muscles right and usually end up slicing through it with both hands like his but just with force and of course having the blade sharpened beforehand

  3. I'll still use my gut or upper leg and be done with it in a sec vs racheting it

  4. Your not even ment to cut anything that big with tree loppers,
    He’s basically selling a hammer to people who need a sledgehammer.

    And when you “pump the handle” like he did, you Frey the branch and it can develop disease and die, literally the exact reason you shouldn’t cut anything that big with tree loppers

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