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▪650g/1.5lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs
▪1 large red onion
▪450g bell peppers (1 large red, yellow, and orange bell)
▪100g or 1 large poblano
▪12g or 2 1/2t salt
▪2g or 1t black pepper
▪10g or 2t garlic powder
▪10g or 3t onion powder
▪10g or 3 1/2t ground cumin
▪10g or 3 1/2t chili powder
▪1g or 1t red pepper flakes
▪1g or 1/2t dried oregano
▪Juice of 1 lime
▪25g or 2T olive oil

▪100g or 1/3c + 1-2Tbsp sour cream
▪150g or 2/3c mayo
▪25g or 1 jalapeno
▪1 garlic clove
▪25g/1 bunch of cilantro
▪Zest of most of a lime
▪Juice of 1 lime
▪3g or a pinch of salt

0:00 Intro & prepping chicken
1:11 Veggie prep and seasoning
3:23 Cilantro jalapeno crema
4:37 Curiosity Stream ad
5:41 Finishing the fajitas and plating up
8:10 Let’s eat this thing

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22 Replies to “Easy✓ Fast✓ Low Mess✓ Chicken Fajitas | WEEKNIGHTING”

  1. I like this but I would love to see a true authentic take on Fajitas (maybe 3 ways with Meat, Chicken, and Shrimp for variety). Many of the recipes I've seen so far are either "cheaper" recipes or "easier" recipes which skips steps/ingredients for convenience.

  2. Just got Curiosity – I am obsessed with this stuff. All that whilst watching a YouTube favourite? Thanks Brian!

  3. Not messy… unless you dribble crema all over the counter 😛

    Looks good, there's got to be a cut of beef that this would work with though since I prefer steak fajitas over chicken. Maybe just cook the steak separately in a pan and use the oven method to roast the veggies.

  4. It looks amazing (and I'm mexican), I'd only say: Loose the taco holder, you really don't need it and if your tacos can stand without it you've done your job, also for a Mexican a taco holders says "unauthentic AF". Lastly, man you gotta get a good comal so you can heat more than one tortilla at a time. 😀

  5. As a Texan, I approve. This looks far easier than grilling. This will go in the rotation.

  6. OMYumminess!! Especially wanting to add the jalapeno cilantro sauce but wii use greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

  7. I literally made fajitas yesterday and would have benefited greatly from this technique. I will definitely try this approach in the future; looks great!

  8. Weeknighting is such a fantastic series. Both for instruction and inspiration. Always great to be able to save some time at a long work day with a hungry family.
    Now replace that wobby ass cutting board. ????

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