Easy Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial – KAWAIIMAS

Happy holidays! Today I wanted to put together a makeup look that is fun and festive yet still natural looking. Hope you enjoyed this! Leave a LIKE if you would like to see more videos like this!

Easy Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial – KAWAIIMAS

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28 Replies to “Easy Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial – KAWAIIMAS”

  1. Hey ihascupquake we're do live please tell me I'm your begets fannnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!! ?❤️️ I hope I see you

  2. You are my favorite youtube your just the best I will love for you to make more of these videos.????

  3. why does cupauake now just think she is a model. she seems like a drama queen. she was one of my favorite YouTube's but now she doesn't play minecraft so I unsuscribed

  4. The Josie Maron eyeshadow is very expensive, use Covergirl bombshell shadow, which works just as well

  5. Okay first i could do the everything that she did. Except the eyliner LOL. You made it look so EASY! but i just need some practice.. that's all. ANYWAYZ.. you look so pretty tiff ily ♥♥ (lol commenting late)

  6. let's take a moment for this being the last makeup tutorial she has made on this channel. sigh.

  7. you are sooooooooooo beautiful!!! you need to do this more often to! i love you so much! i think i would be depressed if i couldn't watch your videos you just brighten my life!!!!

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