eating food | The spicy eating competition between Songsong and Ermao is really exciting! | mukbang

eating food | The spicy eating competition between Songsong and Ermao is really exciting! | mukbang, The eating and broadcasting delicacies included in the video are:spicy competition,Sichuan peppercorn,chicken ass,chili,Turtle,eel,steak,Crab,Fat intestines,river snail,Ghost Pepper Noodles,Pan-fried Small River Fish,hairy belly,Yellow spicy diced,Spicy Brains,fried chicken,Spicy Bird Claw,Zheergen,pork belly.

Soft-shelled turtles contain a large amount of collagen, which is similar to the collagen structure of human skin. It has a greater affinity for protein molecules on the skin surface, can increase skin elasticity, and has the effect of beauty and skin care. The unsaturated fatty acids contained in soft-shelled turtles can improve brain cell activity, enhance memory, and delay mental decline. Turtle is also rich in calcium and vitamin D, which can supplement calcium and help prevent osteoporosis.

Video chapters:
00:00 spicy competition
01:05 Sichuan peppercorn
02:16 chicken ass
03:16 chili
04:40 Turtle
05:17 eel
06:34 steak
07:26 Crab
08:47 Fat intestines
09:43 river snail
10:45 Ghost Pepper Noodles
11:38 Pan-fried Small River Fish
13:00 hairy belly
14:07 Yellow spicy diced
15:20 Spicy Brains
16:10 fried chicken
17:35 Spicy Bird Claw
18:23 Zheergen
19:30 pork belly

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  1. Kakak tapi bahasa cinna kot ada bahasa indonesia kakak ????????????????

  2. 二毛這麼能吃,卻永遠吃不胖似的,而且不管他怎麼吃變態辣的,都嗓子不啞,不長痘痘,不拉肚子,完全不上火似的,實在是讓人既嫉妒又羨慕

  3. 到视频好玩吗?还感谢你的支持作者,英语就只会这么一句

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