Eating Your Favourite Foods From AROUND THE WORLD for a Week ✈️???? | 23 Countries in ONE Week!

Welcome aboard another video 😉 fasten your seat belts because we are travelling to 23 different places around the world in A WEEK to try all of your favourite foods! I apologize if I mispronounce or completely fudge up making your favourite dishes!! and thank you everyone who contributed to this video by sending me their fav meals and short video clips, it made my heart so full ???? Also- check out Korean Ginseng Corp here and use my code LINDA15 for 15% off your order!

Beetroot soup:
pierogi ruskie
poffertjes recipe –
Älplermagronen (Swiss mac and cheese)
Kaiserschmarrn (scrambled pancakes)
Schupfnudeln (finger noodles)

0:00 Welcome aboard
0:52 Hong Kong
1:46 Lithuania
2:51 West Africa
3:33 China
4:11 Ukraine
5:24 Taiwan
6:20 South Korea
7:04 Nepal
7:56 Venezuela
8:45 Poland
9:37 Netherlands
10:24 Japan
12:03 Philippines
13:01 United Kingdom
14:02 Belarus
15:14 Switzerland
16:09 Vietnam
17:02 Sambar
18:30 Germany
20:29 Jordan
20:58 El Salvador
21:55 Argentina
22:30 South Africa
23:47 Landing

How old are you? Born in 2001
What camera do I use? SONY ZV-E10
Where do you live? Ontario, Canada
How tall are you? 5’4 (163 cm)
What do you use to edit? FINALCUT PRO
What kind of dog do you have? His name is Milo and he’s a Maltese 🙂

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17 Replies to “Eating Your Favourite Foods From AROUND THE WORLD for a Week ✈️???? | 23 Countries in ONE Week!”

  1. I'm happy to see you liked polish pierogi ???? also, I love your videos! And that you kind of don't "waste time" on showing too long shots, there's always something happening there ????

  2. The amount of effort you put into researching and actually getting to know everything feels soo amazing! ????????

  3. Linda..u should try Greek food, if you haven’ t already! ????❤️
    Greetings from Athens ????????

  4. Me, a German, never had Schupfnudeln with cinnamon sugar and was like ????️????????️
    But great idea actually ????

  5. I also recommended Oyakodon as Japanese American. I’m so glad you found my soul foods❤

  6. OMG! Please make a part 2 and add Brazil into your video, I’m sure that you will love the food from here!! ????????????

  7. As a polish person I’m rlly happy to see that u enjoyed pierogi ruskie ❤❤ even tho I prefer them with cabbage I’m glad u enjoyed them!! Dumplings are truly the most comfort food ever and I love how in so many different cultures there’s different types of dumplings

  8. LINDA!! You made šaltibarščiai wrong!! You had to use canned beets 🙁
    I promise šaltekai is THE BEST FOOD OUT HERE!!

  9. Arepa are also from Colombia ????????. However thank you for made them feel so happy to see it!

  10. As an Austrian, I'm SOOO happy, that my Kaiserschmarren recommendation made it into your video and that you not only tried, but loved it! Thank you for your amazing videos <33

  11. i loved this video so much and its given me so many ideas on what to cook. i really wished you had the chance to try some greek food like dolma or kleftiko so so yummy <3

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