24 Replies to “Edwardian Summer outfit; Keeping cool in 1906 ????”

  1. I must say I would bake in that, but I wear shorts until the temp hits single digits

  2. Man women used to dress so much prettier now it's all exposed skin with little to no mystery

  3. You're comments on how hot our clothes blew mt mind. You're 100 percent correct. If it's 80 out and im wearing cotton I'm fine. If I'm wearing polyester I'm dying. It was chiller back then too!

  4. “Western fashion” you are aware that South America is in the west, pretty hot there

  5. Polyester doesn't necessarily make things worse. Most climate cooling clothing garments are polyester. Sports clothing is polyester. Old polyester was stifling (and some certain types would melt onto the body) but modern polyester has gone through a lot of changes.

  6. I can absolutely agree with cottons being better for hotter climates. It is insane the difference it makes. I really don't understand how poly has made such a name for itself in sports. It keeps sweat clinging to you and doesn't breathe at all.

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