Egg Incubator – Results || How To Make An Egg Incubator Simple And Easy || (Homemade Incubator)

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For Hatching Eggs You Need To Maintain Temperature Between 37°C – 41°C & Humidity 45% – 60% In Incubator And Turn The Eggs Daily 3 Times (Once In Every 8 Hours ) Till First 18 Days….(37°C Celsius = 98.6 Fahrenheit )
(Stop Turning Eggs After 18 Days)…..After 18 Days Increase Humidity To 65 % – 80% And Temperature Is Same As First 18 Days (37°C – 41°C)………..Chicks Will Hatch Between Day 21 – 24
NOTE :- More Than 41°C Temperature Will Kill The Chicks In Eggs So Better To Maintain Temperature Between 37°C-38°C
We Used 60Watts Bulb Connected With Fan Regulator If You Have 25/40 Watts Bulbs Best To Use Them
Click Below Link For Connecting Fan Regulator To Bulb For Temperature Control
Bulb(Light) Should Be On 24/7 Till Chicks Are Hatched (21-24 Days)…. (Bulb Should Be Continuously On Till Chicks Hatches Successfully….If Power Is Off 1,2 Hours No Damage Will Cause To Eggs If Power Is Off More Than 2,3 Hours Chances Are Very Low To Hatch )

Don’t Use Shop/Market/Stored Eggs…….As They Not Fertile And Didn’t Hatch……We Used Our Pet Hen’s Eggs……. Shops Eggs Won’t Hatches As They Come With Out Help Of Roosters………Use Desi Hen Eggs Where Hen And Roosters Live Together.. (Use Fresh Eggs 2-12 Days Old)

The Hole On Top In Incubator Is Just To Adjust Temperature & Humidity (Small Quantity) And Work As Ventilator For Fresh Air In Incubator (If Temperature & Humidity Is High Remove Cap Of That Small Bottle And If It Is Low Put Back That Cap)….Small Bowl With Water Is Enough For This Incubator…….If Humidity Is Too High Didn’t Decrease Remove Water Bowl From Incubator Untill Humidity Reach Normal (45 % to 60%)…
By Using Fan Regulator OR Dimmer Switch We Can Control Bulb (Also Effect Temperature)…As We Control Speed Of A Fan The Same Way We Can Control Bulb Too…If Temperature Too High (More Than 37°C) Decrease The Brightness Of Bulb Using Fan Dimmer….If It Is Low (Less Than 37°C) Increase The Bulb Brightness…In This Way We Can Control Temperature……………….Hope You Understand…Thank You

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  1. May isko ak cardboard box par try kia ..15 w ki bulb lene par vi pehele to temperature sahi aa raha hae leken 1 bade temperature bohot upar chala jaa raha hae …oxygen hole khula hua hae tab vi….
    Iska kuch solution batao plz

  2. So, … how in heaven do you control the proper temperature? …. This does not have any sense.

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