Endless cycle of taking THE APPLE on it's daily trip outside the house????????❤️????| CHEFKOUDY

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29 Replies to “Endless cycle of taking THE APPLE on it's daily trip outside the house????????❤️????| CHEFKOUDY”

  1. You always find a way to put a smile on my face,keep going!!!!❤

  2. What does your think about your videos (this guy dosent need an Oscar the Oscar needs him)

  3. I've been here for milenias and he is still packing the apple i-is this the meaning of life?

  4. I know a tasty recipe for that poor apple. Core the apple and slice it into rings, spread peanut butter on the rings then sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top. You can add raisins too. There called sandoodles and it’s delicious.

  5. Perfect loop….. idk what else type. ur videos always make me smile

  6. Whichever kid is gonna receive that is gonna devour every thing but the apple ????

  7. So Relatable, I always forget to eat my apple and bring it back home ????

  8. Chefkoudy would be a perfect dad for kids because he cooks delicious foods❤

  9. Could you make another video about you vs your brother? Those videos are funny and relatable ❤❤????????????

  10. does anyone actually feel bad when your dad does something for you and you forget about it, and like you cry about it because he hardly does things yk? its always my mom. so everytime my dad does something for me i cry

  11. All the cooking you do is the best i want to be ur son but im in a country far away so I can't

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