Entire HOUSE makeover! *Neutral Beachy design + DIYs galore!* (Island Fixer-Upper)

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Today we are making a small space in our guest house into a multi-purpose bedroom and home office suitable for both kids and adults! Sophisticated Fun! Following the neutral theme we’ve established in the guest house we are doing a beachy striped makeover full of DIYs from an easy DIY rattan inspired lamp shade, to DIY picture rails and a big Ikea flip with a bookshelf DIY upgrade. We are also showing you how to style a convertible trundle bed to maximize sleeping area, but keeping it cute. This is the final makeover in this guest house before we welcome our guests so today we are revealing the start to finish before and after reveal of this full home makeover.

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Editor: V Robitaille
Cam Op: Luke Aguinaldo
Cam Op: Valen Ahlo
Cam Op: Fabio Cardoso
Sound and Photos: Chris Badilio
Music: Eric Espiritu
Assistant: Tisha Schwartz
Art Assistant: Nicole Bramson
Audio Tracks: Epidemic Sound: http://share.epidemicsound.com/rGjgC

19 Replies to “Entire HOUSE makeover! *Neutral Beachy design + DIYs galore!* (Island Fixer-Upper)”

  1. I’m mean you guys always wow me it looks soooo stunning!! Like you guys can turn a trash bag into a masterpiece!! Chef kiss perfection!! I love watching you guys.

  2. Round of applause for the huge amount of diys you do!! 👏👏 I was getting tired thinking about how much work/time each one would take 😂

  3. This entire video is just Kate saying "I know we're going for neutral….but…😏 " So funny! Love how it turned out!!

  4. Every time she says "boob light" I chuckle because she's right it looks like the ceiling has a boob.

  5. I respect you so much for being so kind and easy going when they accidentally broke the back, not smack talking them, and keeping their privacy by not including identifiable content.

  6. totally random but do they still have their cats i know one of them passed a long time ago but can't remember which one and i just wanna know if she still has them

  7. That bedroom with the palms on the ceilings is so dreamy I wish I could stay there!! I also love your hair and you inspired me to make mine rainbow 🥰

  8. I wanna a Joey! I wanna Joey! Faithful watcher, here. Love the whole place! Keep having fun. It's contagious:)

  9. Gurl! We all know that “we” means “you” as in our men! All good men know that “we” means “him” because they love us!

  10. I love being able to sit down and watch 30 mins of unbridled creativity!! These videos are such a joy! 🙏

  11. What if you’d taken a bamboo window shade and used that bamboo for the lamp shade?

  12. Beautiful transformation!!! I love seeing all your guys creativity come to life!!!

  13. How do you make a perfect line between oil based trim and latex wall paint?

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