EPIC Ships & Rail Freight Trips | Ashville Weekly ep134

Daniel joins the MD from GB Rail Freight to embark on a cross country adventure, we get up close and personal with the worlds biggest container ship and the Director of Operations cant seem to get himself organised.

#Ship | #Train | #Construction

00:00 INTRO
00:11 MON
00:50 Plant Hire Website is Live
01:28 Ordering Chains
05:42 TUE
06:47 Michael O’Donovan Weekly
08:04 Sand & Shingle Delivered
08:45 WED
09:39 Plumbing Talk at the Refurbishment Project
13:55 Renting Out the LH60
18:33 THU
19:02 MD of GBRF & His Back Story
28:55 FRI
29:10 100m2 Concrete Pour
33:11 SAT
37:55 SUN
39:06 OUTRO

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28 Replies to “EPIC Ships & Rail Freight Trips | Ashville Weekly ep134”

  1. Jammy Bugger! My favourite video to date. Could you make a stand alone extended video of the whole day? ???? ???? ????

  2. Liberties????

    How dare you come on my manor without telling me. ????????

    Good to see you back at Felixstowe.

  3. Michael O'Donovan is a legend. Love his weekly segment. If he's thinking of coming into the yard on Wednesday, wonder what will happen on Thursday ????????????????. Legend

  4. This channel is like eating a Yorkie Bar in the 1990s, its not for girls. ????

  5. I thought the second Daniel from Ashville was Terry with a beard for a moment; like, where he get that beard from so quick.

    I think I want Ashville to build me a house in 2035

  6. What a brilliant video. It had everything- trains (lots), O’Donovan, Wilson and everyday Ashville stuff.

  7. Lmao at tezza forgetting his passport ???? but from what I seen on his Instagram all I can say is get in their tezza 66lb grasscarp ???????? . Loved the train ride Daniel you big kid on the train horn ???? and big respect to man like frighty my brother ????

  8. Fantastic update Daniel and team. Shorter and sweeter. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to next week.

  9. The train being unloaded with shingle … Nice to see the graffiti artist is reppin Ashvile colours ????????????????

  10. super good videos work myself in a small company in Denmark called Aarsleff I think it's exciting to see what happens in other countries

  11. Great video how have you not got more subscribers? I would seriously look into that as you have great content great people and a Sunday morning would not be a Sunday 39:30 morning without an Ashville video keep them coming????

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